Never Apologize For Who You Are

Photo courtesy of Gary Vaynerchuck Whether you’re black, white, hispanic, rich, poor or in between; never apologize for who you are. You are you and that makes you unique. You’re an awesome human being and you deserve to live your life how you want. Because ultimately it’s how you feel about yourself that counts. If … Continue reading Never Apologize For Who You Are

Make Mistakes So You Can Become Successful

We make mistakes. The problem is many of us don't learn from them. We go on to repeat them over and over again. And continue the question why we are stick in this vicious circle. Because we don't want to grow. We like being complacent. Even in our misery. We like to be comfortable. We … Continue reading Make Mistakes So You Can Become Successful

When They Tell You You Can’t, Do It Anyway

They will tell you that you can't move mountains. They will say that you can't cross seas. That you can't dig deep and realize your own seeds of greatness and plant them to become better. They tell you all of this because they love living in their comfort zone. And because you want to do … Continue reading When They Tell You You Can’t, Do It Anyway

I Dare You.

It's so much easier in life to be average. To not rock the boat and to toe the line.  It's so much easier falling into a routine with everyone else.  Falling into the norm.  Doing exactly what your parents, not you, want you to be in life. Yea, ok.  No.  I have always been someone who … Continue reading I Dare You.

How Optimism Is One Of The Keys To Success

(Gary Vaynerchuck on the DailyVee) Life is tough, but I wouldn't want it any other way. I have lived through some dark times and moments where I didn't know I would survive. And I am not talking about on a deployment in Iraq or Afghanistan. I am talking about everyday life before and after the military. … Continue reading How Optimism Is One Of The Keys To Success

Success vs Failure

   Time and time again I see this come up. Comparing ourselves to others and feeling let down.  Why? Why would you compare your life to others?  No two lives are the same. Even if we live in the same house our successes and failures will never be the same.  Be steadfast in your convictions. … Continue reading Success vs Failure

Don’t Waste Any Opportunties 

  When are you going to start working on your dreams? I know you want to be the best version of you.  I know you want to make life easier for you and your loved ones.  You want to help those people in your community who are less fortunate.  You made the necessary plans and … Continue reading Don’t Waste Any Opportunties